• Buying, processing and selling complex alloys scrap

    Founded in 1964, Ireland Alloys Limited specialises in buying, processing and selling complex alloys scrap as well as providing services and solutions to all of your revert management and secure disposal problems.

  • Engine end of
    life solutions

    Ireland Alloys provides a secured end of life engine
    disassembly service across a range of engines from
    our engine tear down facility, located in the UK


One of the most experienced team in Europe for precisely grading complex alloys.


of consumer in-house scrap arisings, allowing their re-melting with complete confidence.


with access to the most critical markets allowing our partners to optimise their returns on materials.


Ireland Alloys is quality approved to ISO 9001.2015 and ISO 14001:2015 with fully auditable systems.

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The Company is committed to a policy of continuously improving quality performance throughout the business, to ensure that highest standards of product and service are achieved.

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We have a broad spectrum of metals and alloys available.

Nickel, Tungsten, Cobalt, Titanium, Zirconium, High-Speed Steel. You name it. From small lots of melt additives to complete ready to melt charges – we can supply all of your needs.

Buying or selling, Ireland Alloys brings the same honesty, integrity and fairness to its commercial activities. Over 50 years we have made and retained a lot of friends in the industry we serve by constantly meeting and surpassing their needs.

Along with its sorting team Ireland Alloys boasts some of the most experienced processing staff in Europe. Our equipment and working practices have been designed and modified over the years to meet and exceed the ever tighter specifications demanded by our customers.

Ireland Alloys is confident that it can best guarantee quality by only using the latest sorting technology in a supporting role. We believe that the sorting methods which won us our worldwide customer approvals are still superior. All of the sorting and segregation performed by Ireland Alloys is backed up by our dedicated in-house laboratory.

Ireland Alloys is one of the very few processing companies in the industry to guarantee its products via its own dedicated in-house laboratory. The laboratory is fully equipped and our qualified staff are able to test materials to the high levels of accuracy demanded by our customers’ specifications.

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