Sorting and Segregation

Ireland Alloys has some of the most experienced team of qualified sorters in Europe, boasting collectively over 120 years performing the task.

We employ state-of-the-art technology to supplement the accuracy of our sorting and segregation methods.

120 years of combined industry experience is activated every time a new batch of materials are handled by our sorting team. To identify the true value of your material we supply detailed classification and segregation services to fully support your business. There are few companies who can compare with our level of commitment and professionalism with an ability to deliver consistently high recovery rates and prices to increase your revenue. 

Our efficient approach to sorting and separating metal alloys opens up new channels for the manufacturing sector to source high quality and cost efficient materials for use in vital components. There is no limit to the volume we can accommodate at our Hamilton based facility and we will always work to meet the individual specifications laid out for each job.

With a customer approval rate that is unrivalled in the industry our unique material management techniques are one of the reasons why we have become a key approved supplier of titanium and superalloy solids and turnings to the world-wide vacuum melting industry.

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